Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gangsta weather

It is really cold, Siberia cold, your jeans freezing stiff while walking to the office cold, hiding under your hood so no one recognizes you anymore cold. Frost bite cold. Any outdoor adventures are out for the time being. Can’t wait for this to be over, Monday maybe.

This is a filling, warming winter pasta dish – kale, mushroom, kalamata olives, capers and a anchovy filet. Still steaming hot.

It looks like it's Gangsta weather in Paris, too..


  1. haha love your title! ..i've never had kale, does it taste like spinach? i was just telling another blogger i wanted to add some variety to my meals (she posted a pic of collard wraps).. i'm just always so afraid to try something new!

    1. I think kale is quite different at least from baby spinach; baby spinach has a tender texture and wilts down to nothing when cooked while kale holds its texture. You probably just have to try it. I did not like kale in the beginning but it grew on me. Whole Foods and Trader Joes have frozen kale, that is quite easy to handle.