Sunday, January 20, 2013


The day started with mild temperatures and sunshine. I felt like I need to take a drive and go somewhere. I needed to go...away, on the interstate, alone with my thoughts, and everything left behind: responsibilities, obligations, things to do. Free like a bird. For an afternoon.

But then, I sat down, did bills, watch some more Wallander. About a month ago I found the BBC Four version of Wallander and was instantly mesmerized. One thing I had mourned was that the author of The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo passed away after 3 novels (when he had planned 10). I had seen the Swedish originals several times. Dark, gritty, a cold Swedish landscape, bleak, tattoes, and strange relationships. Much like Maine in the winter. Then, I found Wallander. Similar setting, Swedish gritty dark crimes. Kenneth Branagh plays the British version of Wallander in beautifully set scenery in Ystad, endless wheat fields, beautiful cinematography, and a cop being affected way too much by the crimes, and a dog called Yussi. After watching all nine episodes on netflix, I had to take a break. Because it seem Wallander seemed to never get a break. Every relationship eventually died, the person was killed, or other traumatic events.

Two days agao, I found Wallander the Swedish original. Unfortunately, only the second season is on netflix but another glorious 13 episodes. This series is very different from the UK interpretation. Less gloomy, even funny, very human characters, a blossoming relationship between Wallander and the female prosecutor, Katarina, who is also his next door neighbor at his house by the sea, everyone is more provincial and, of course, speaks Swedish instead of hauling an British accent. Yussi is there, too.

So, now I am glued to the tv. I am also learning Swedish. Tack means 'thank you'.

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