Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Upon my word it's cold outside

The arctic cold spell is finally here. Not that it is any different than other usual Maine winters, we've just been spoiled with milder than usual temperatures the last few winters. It's on average -10F for the next 5 days, but Mainers are hardy and still go camping (see below). No, not really camping, but they bring out their ice fishing huts on the frozen lakes, and rivers, drill holes through the ice inside the hut, put some fishing rod through it, equip the place with electricity, couches, beer and satellite TV to watch football (I suspect). Looks cozy, no? Obviously there is also some cooking going on. Fried fish?

Other than that, I am listening to Jane Austen these days on audio books and started to pick up a 1800 British English. My cats  are temporarily called Marianne (Manolo), Elinor (Valentino), Willoughby (Chanelle) and Mrs Jennings (Baby Cat).  Oh well, let the work week begin.

Ice finishing hut in Maine (source)

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