Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter, oh winter

We are already approaching the middle of January. It’s been sunny, and unusually mild for this time of the year in Maine, which is typically still ‘real winter’, sub-zero temperatures and a few feet of snow. I’ve been crosscountry skiing whenever I got a chance but this week the temperatures rose into the 40s, slight rain, and the skiing quality is perdu. I don’t think the winter is quite over yet, I don’t have my hopes up, and I expect another dump of snow at some time, restoring the skiing conditions. This is also the time when work sends around ‘influenza outbreak’ emails reminding us to wash hands and don’t get within 6 feet of coughing and sneezing people. Fortunately, this is almost doable in a state like Maine where there are just a handful of people in the winter. Nevertheless, I up my orange intake and that emergency-C guzzling. It’s almost the weekend!



  1. I've totally been upping my vitamin C all winter and it seems to have worked so far! I bet this comment with jinx it haha...

  2. happy friday! hopefully ur vitamin C keeps u healthy! :)