Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rebooting my outlook on life

These last weeks, months, have been exceptionally busy so that I made it simpler for myself otherwise in my life. I cut myself some slack on exercising and instead pampered my days and evenings with a little bit more off time (speak, netflix movies, lounging on the couch). And the consequence of all this self pampering? I got crankier and crankier and start to doubt the direction my life is taking again. I grew a serious chip on my shoulder. Yesterday, after a new layer of fresh powder, despite the wind, I put on my skis and went out for an hour in the fresh air, huffing and puffing, realizing how out of shape I am. I hadn’t been that weak in years. I continued to mumble to myself, grouchy at everything, snarky remarks hurled at events in my life….. but on the last third of my ski, I realized my head and the cranky thoughts had disappeared, I felt content with life again, instead of being stuck in my thoughts I sensed the wonderful surroundings of the snow packed woods and the evening sun. I packed up, sat in my office, and life was ok again. Nothing had changed --- I just got some fresh air and some exercise for an hour, my bloodstream soaked up some oxygen. The magic of fresh air to cheer you up.

Whatever the pressures of life and deadlines, don’t cut down on exercise or a walk outdoors, even if it seems like just another chore. Your outlook on life will thank you.


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