Friday, March 8, 2013

Mud season

I think we have officially entered mud season. Fortunately, the snow storm that blanketed Boston to DC did not make its way up north, and the next few days are sunnier AND warmer. This week also included some car shopping, and driving my first hybrid car. The tipping point of the extra to pay for a hybrid and the gas price is only there if you really drive a lot (I don’t), but they are a no brainer. You just gas up and driving the hybrid kicks in the generator and it charges its own batteries. The electric motor kicks in whenever it can. 70M/Gallon? Impressive. I thought one would have to plug them into a power outlet and map any journey around power outlets, but that part is optional. My next car, maybe not this one yet. With the next car, inexpensive all-wheel hybrids will be available (they are available but they are even more expensive than regular SUVs) or global warming confirmed that winters are a thing of the past, and 10 months of the year the road is clear, making all-wheel drives unnecessary. We will see….

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