Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring energy

The weekend was nice, I felt this lightness in me, the added hour of daylight, the gentle temperatures, the warm spring sun, the prospect that now things can only go towards summer and outdoor life, lifted my spirits and put a spring (!)  in my step. Anticipation, expectation, attitude is everything --- again. I am ready to shed layers, layers of clothes, layers of blankets, layers of transportation and breathe fresh air. The first spring greens will burst through the soil soon and in a few weeks, the beds of daffodils will confirm the change to my favorite seasons of the year. There are still bunches of frozen thyme in my freezer which I add liberally to my lunches, like this potato carrot edamame pan (peel and cube the potatoes and microwave with 1-2 TB of water for 5min, then add to the pan with frozen edamame and fresh carrots, salt, pepper and olive oil—and thyme). The fresh local produce is still rare, but like the spring flowers the plants will burst through the soil soon, too.

This year I managed for the first time to get a rosemary plant through the winter. It liked its cool but sunny place, sufficient water and regular feedings. Is that the secret? Sun light makes such a difference. For everyone.


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