Friday, April 5, 2013

Edward Scissorhands

Spring is slow to come this year. It might be sunny and blue-skied, but still rather cold and no green blossom in sight. The other day, two weeks ago to be exact, I tried my first shellack manicure. With the working in soapy dish water and around the house a regular manicure only survives 3-4 days with me, so shellack seemed much more promising. After 2 weeks my nails (or manicure) still looked like new. Only problem: they did not have the color I wanted when I got the manicure and instead of pale pink it was more a pale orangy (aka flesh). Meanwhile I had ordered the color I want online and today I decided, perfect manicure or not, I am ready for a perfect manicure in my favorite color. 

How to get the stuff off?

100% acetone they say, but I had seen a shellack removal kit at Sephora that features their Sephora by OPI polish remover. Good enough for me.  I prepped by getting remover, cotton pads, stripes of aluminum foil and a scraper tool ready. I soaked each cotton pad in nail polish remover, folded it, placed it on the nail, and wrapped it with aluminum foil, tightly and pressed it on. 

After a short while I looked like Edward Scissorhands.

I set an internet stop watch for 10min and continued reading blogs. After 10 minutes, the polish started to peel off and was easy to scrap off. I scraped most of it off, and place the 'remover glove' back on the finger to soak off the last layers to avoid more scraping. 

Time for a new manicure!

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