Friday, April 12, 2013

Regrowing Romaine

After a beautiful second spring day (since winter), the weekend started with new snow showers today. Snow! Looks like the entire weekend will be ‘wintery mix’. Oh well. I am still watching my way through episodes of Mad Men, the cats told me to not unplug their heated cat beds any time soon, and so I guess we are all set for the weekend. Since there is not much growing outside yet, I started to grow my salad indoors, or and took recycling to new level. If you save about 5in of a romaine salad when you make a salad, place it in a cup wit a few inches of water and at a sunny spot, it will start regrowing new leaves from the heart. Now, a bag of organic romaine goes a long way….



1 comment:

  1. How many times can you harvest the new growth before the taste is different??