Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quinoa salad

I started a new project. Painting my house. That is the insides, just a new coat of eggshell since the woodstove is doing a good job keeping us warm and coloring the top of the walls in a Martha Stewart dusk shade. Cats are helpful and observe the spectacle from underneath the canvases.  They think it is all a wonderful game, furniture in different places, lumped together, canvases on top, new places to hide out and not to be found.

I converted the quinoa from the other day into a quinoa salad. There are few necessary ingredients: something crunchy like celery, something satiating like chickpeas (or fava beans), something herbal (basil?), something oniony (green onions?), and some fruit (grapes). Dressing is almost not necessary if the quinoa is cooked with some flavor. For my version of ingredients at hand I used chickpeas, green onions, celery and strawberries. Perfect!
Bea also has a great recipe: quinoa salad with fava beans.

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