Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer, initiated.

It must be summer. There are pink blossoms on the peach tree and I mowed the lawn for the first time today. There was the first rhubarb cake of the season and the first lobster. The first trip to Acadia and the first hike. Summer is officially initiated. Now it is more of the same, just with increasingly hotter temperatures. For some reason I am in no mood for growing kale this year, but flowers instead. Ranunculus, in particular. The Meyer Lemon tree is moved outdoors, repotted, fertilizer and hopefully convinced to grow many lemons. The birdhouse bought last summer is painted in the same color as the house, nailed to a secluded tree with landing strips to each sides and open for business. The cats try to shush away the neighbors’ new kitten from their garden, howling from the open window. The shrub are trimmed. The leftover leaves rakes. We are ready.


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