Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lemon tree, lemon tree

As usually, the garden likes the rain weather mess, especially the lemon tree. The green hard lemons  seem to absorb any rain drop and plump up. This is my first summer growing them in Maine in a container, and I am curios if they actually will turn yellow before I have to move them indoors again. Over the last weeks, I added some guano fertilizer and they responded with developing new clusters of huge flowers. Happy lemon tree.


It might be weekend but I am working. I’d rather go places right now, but the deadline looms. A few more days. Thanks weather, for not making me to have to stay close to the computer too much.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

A bunch a kale

It’s almost the weekend, and after some night showers the outlook is sunny. In hope of finally bikini-ready summer weather I moved a chaise on the deck, and got some sun today. In the grocery store I decided to do away with my questionable meal choices lately and put some kale back into the eats. A bunch of kale was only 1.99 and supersized. I felt like I got a half of a  raised bed of kale, like an armful, a huge bouquet. I chopped a few large leaves, heated pre-cooked brown basmati rice with chicken stock, and added the kale to it to barely wilt it down and heat it up. A few cherry tomatoes on top, salt, pepper and some goat cheese to round it out. Oh, kale, how come I got bored with you?


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Swiss chard in the garden

Today I was rather grumpy. As if someone had stolen my favorite toy and I was 7 years old. I walked through Target and got even more grumpy passing through the garden and BBQ section. “The summer is withheld from me!”. “Everyone else is probably having a great summer time right now with fabulous weather.” Comparing your circumstances to others with a sweeping assumption of ‘It’s only me who has is it bad” is a particular effective way to oppress the mood even further.


Eventually I headed to Home Depot to buy a few plants since due to the messed up spring and early summer weather  this year my raised bed was still empty. Swiss chard was the plan. Then it was Swiss chard, and several eggplants and a husky cherry tomato plant. Some wood stain. My outlook improved. There will be food. Lots and lots of Swiss chard, just around the corner. After planting, watering and the sum coming out, life was ok again. Especially with the bright pink rhododendron in full bloom.



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Salmon kebabs

The temperatures have chilled down to pleasant upper 70s, the sky is bright blue, the birds are chirping, the early morning lawn mowers in the background,  the cats sit in the open window and listen to the concert of the outside world probably daydreaming of exciting bird chases. The much slower start to summer.

My morning readings at the Sprouted Kitchen made my mouth water: salmon kebabs with lemon slices and zucchini? A perfect summer dish!

Find the recipe(and photographed instructions) here: