Thursday, June 13, 2013

A bunch a kale

It’s almost the weekend, and after some night showers the outlook is sunny. In hope of finally bikini-ready summer weather I moved a chaise on the deck, and got some sun today. In the grocery store I decided to do away with my questionable meal choices lately and put some kale back into the eats. A bunch of kale was only 1.99 and supersized. I felt like I got a half of a  raised bed of kale, like an armful, a huge bouquet. I chopped a few large leaves, heated pre-cooked brown basmati rice with chicken stock, and added the kale to it to barely wilt it down and heat it up. A few cherry tomatoes on top, salt, pepper and some goat cheese to round it out. Oh, kale, how come I got bored with you?


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