Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fitbit flex, 1 day later

I am wearing the Fitbit flex for the 3rd day. The first day was not comparable, since I didn't wear the entire day. Yesterday, I wore the fitbit flex and the bodymedia both on my dominant arm. The Fitbit flex was set to 'dominant hand' setting so it would be less sensitive; the bodymedia armband ist supposed to be worn on the non-dominant arm (therefore, the tattooed arm).

The fitbit gave me approximately the calorie burnt readout I would expect from the bodymedia worn on the correct arm. So today I will place the bodymedia on my left arm again and see how similiar they are tomorrow in their assessment.

Ironically, the fitbit flex gave me a higher step readout (7400) than the bodymedia (5300). Both did not  really 'get' my bike ride, however they saw it as high activity event.

I still have not figured out how to put the fitbit in the "I am going to sleep now" mode. The 5 taps did not work. Maybe, as usual, there is a youtube video.

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