Sunday, June 2, 2013

From winter to summer in 2 days

The weather did a flip flop and it is just the way I like it: so hot and humid you just have to relax and suspend any ambition. Very sensual, very Rome, very Italian siesta. Chanelle adapted, too, chilling as much as possible with a Maine Coon fur coat.


The other day I headed out in Maine, with a familiar view. Just in green now.


It was time to decide on a summer leather tote at Cole Haan, but the colors? Doubtful. Leather? Fabulous. The Cole Haan Village serena tote, at half price at the outlet store now.


But all’s well that end’s well: lunch at Wholefoods. If not there is always prosecco.


Today, the produce transported home in chilled conditions from Trader Joes made it in a salad, starlighting the newly found spice mix at Trader Joes: dukkah. I think it is an Egyptian ‘spice’, but it really more  a mix of chopped nuts, sesame seeds, salt and some sugar. The TJ version is more salty than mellow and sweet. It works really well with many dishes, from sweet to savory. This time I just added it to the salad. Now, it is time to get a tan and relax and wait for the new seasons of the Kardashians.  Brody! Didn’t I say it is too hot to do anything reasonable in life?



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