Friday, June 21, 2013

Midnight Summer Dream

It has been a busy week and not much sleep during the last 2 nights. Today was rough and I just made it through the day on the thought it is almost weekend and there is a chance to catch up on sleep tonight and tomorrow will be better. The freed up schedule made me appreciate the longest day of the year. It is 8:49pm and it is only half dark. There is a smell of burnt wood in the air but it is the neighbor and his son making a first summer night’s bonfire. The other neighbor walks her dogs, I walked though my garden and said goodnight to the newly planted plum tree. Chanelle perches on the upstairs window sill and intently listens to and watches the doings of dusk. Summer!

I cannot believe that from now on the days already will get shorter again. June is almost over. Only July and August left. But summer only starts.  I wonder how Paula Dean feels tonight. I wonder if James Gandolfini enjoys summer with the fairies somewhere. I am sure North by Northwest smiles.


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