Friday, June 28, 2013

Rained out, once again

I have a deadline on Monday, so I am not too much complaining that the weather is less than summery. I won’t regret to sit indoors, in my office, or at home, for the weekend pat. Next week, when the schedule frees up and July4th should bring the first summer end sale bonanza the weather forecast promises summer temperatures again. In principle I have more of a Californian state of mind, more summer is better, but alas sometimes you have to see the benefit of it, when you are rained out.

Everyday Google reader informs me it will say sayonara on July 1 but I am still using it as my first choice when I need to browse through whole categories of blogs fast. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Who has time to click through blogs? The two options with easy imports seem to be bloglovin and feedly. So far I am using both. Feedly looks better but there is more clicking; bloglovin cuts done on the clicking by using the ‘next’ option in the full page view. The verdict is out. Google Reader til the end!


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