Monday, June 24, 2013

The tattooed arm

It started all with this: An upper arm that started to look significantly thinner than its right counterpart. I could see the place where I wore the bodymedia armband for 4 years straight.  In the summer I find it more annoying because the fashion statement of ‘cool summer dress’ and bulky ‘armband’ does not look elegant. For this summer I decided to change things up and try the Fitbit flex. After waiting forever for it to become available on Amazon I finally bought it at bestbuy. and in anticipation of  summer arms I had changed the armband from the left to the right arm a week ago. This is how my arm still looks like today despite plenty of sunshine. The permanently bodymedia tattooed arm.


The device definitely helped with more accurate information of my actual activity and sleep pattern (and a new appreciation of the calorie burn of house cleaning). But the arm?

Today, I set-up the fitbid flex. I spare you the details, obviously I was the only one for whom the set-up took 4hours, on 4 different platforms, mac, windows, ipad, old windows machine, but it worked at last so all is forgiven. Now, let’s do comparison tracking.


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