Saturday, June 8, 2013

This is 40

It is Saturday and one of these days when I usually start thinking about painting something around the house. Yes, it is Saturday and likely to rain most of the day. Le sigh. I cleaned up the kitchen, cuddled up with my laptop joined by a cat or two, and popped “This is 40” in the DVD player, which arrived in the mail yesterday. 15 min later it is bright sunshine in my mind and heart. It is hilarious and sweet. I think I like it as much as “Juno” and “Bridesmaids’.

When there is sunshine in the heart, the rest doesn’t matter.

Lunch was brown basmati rice cooked in bulk in the super-brain rice cooker, fried up with mushroom, tomatoes, edamane, green onions, salt, pepper and sesame oil.


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