Monday, June 17, 2013

To Paris or not to Paris

It is a busy week again, the weather cannot quite decide if it is sunny or whips up a sudden thunderstorm and I have to work myself through piles of papers. Kim K had her baby and due to a merger with a privacy-oriented other half there are no photos yet. Or is the 1 Mio deal for the first exclusive not signed off yet?  -- This is a tale of life, of opposites attract. Kim K, a genius on making a hefty income by being photographed, magically attracted to the opposite, all artistic and mumm on the rest. Now, what?  Maybe, they'll wrestle out a middle?

And while I am distracting myself from work by checking out the world and the life they have, I am utterly envious of this. Not the honeymoon per se, but this sandwich in a Parisian Bistro.

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