Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Waiting for Le Petit Prince

This morning it is raining and calls for indoor vacation activities, like baking a cake with summer fruit or reading magazines. Among them also, unique this year, watching People magazine’s live feed to the Lido entrance of St. Mary’s Hospital, waiting for the little prince to make his first appearance. Ah, the new age of technology, the whole world can watch live now. The maternal grandparents came and went. It is 5pm local time.

“Where is the little prince?” I ask Chanelle. He wrinkles his nose. He really only cares if he can get a treat out of me.

The garden soaks up the light rain, the lawn needs to be mowed, and it’ll all renew and Maine sets itself up for hikes and bike rides again, ending the quest for anything on, next to or in the water.
Little Prince, where are you?

More MI-5 guys appearing, police men disappearing, it must get close.


Update: and there he was, at 2:18pm EST.

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