Friday, August 2, 2013

Motivation, where are you?

The weekend is approaching, unfortunately there is rain on the menu, hopefully just the occasional shower starting this afternoon. There is also work on the plan so no reason to be too bumped out about the weather.

I’ve been a fairly regular exerciser, running, biking, pilates, hiking, and walking etc. but about a year ago work picked up significantly and I gave myself an out to not have another item on the daily schedule to force myself on the treadmill but instead just chill the few leftover hours, recharge, to have energy for the next day. You need some reward, no?  This resulted in me becoming a total couch potato over the course of a year. Now, I can’t find the motivation to get back up on the horse, or, bike or treadmill. Like they warned me the treadmill starts to become a clothes hanger, which it never did in the 8 years I have it. How to get back on track? I have not even gone on a hike yet this summer. Motivation, where are you?


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