Friday, September 6, 2013

The Story of the Incredible Fringe Markup

It all started earlier this year, when I ventured into the brandnew JCrew store in the Maine mall and a cheerful sales girl halted me at the JCrew jewelry show box. “Do you have any JCrew jewelry? It’s my favorite in the entire store?!” How can you say no to a cheerful, pretty sales girl? She directed me to a more subdued necklace (more Maine appropriate), but my eye caught the fan fringe necklace.
Big, bold, in your face. I never wear much jewelry beside the one that I wear all the time, but this started the idea of jewelry as fashion statement. But, after some inner debate I realized the price tag is too steep, because what if it is so bold I get tired of it after wearing it 3 times?
Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 6.06.48 PM
$148. Fastforward to August. I never quite forgot the necklace. and then J had not just one but 4! They were knockoffs but at Ily Couture one would get them with a J-coupon for $16 instead of $40.
Now, we are talking.
I snagged up one for $20 with shipping, and love it. I wanted more colors, and eagerly I retrieved the coupon again, but the sale had ended by end of August 2013. Illy Couture itself still had a labor day sale, which also reduced the price to $16 with coupon, but I had missed that by 1 day, too. Gah.
Now, I was even less willing to pay full price, and googled for more options. Sleuthing I found a wholesale site which offers them for 0.99-9.99 per piece. Hmm, that is quite the markup. From 0.99 to 148 at JCrew? No wonder they can firesale them for $16 at Ily.
As usually, ebay and even amazon is the direct outlet channel for all things counterfeit from China, and in this case, since it is not an expensive hair straightening iron, where the original would make my hair shiny, and the knockoff fry it, I was ok with getting the knockoff.  $10.99? Sign me up, and send me one for my friend, too.

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