Monday, December 30, 2013

happy to be alive

It is the last Monday in 2013. My cat sits on my belly kneading my shoulder while I look around her and try to type up this post. The driveway is full of another 10-15 inches of fresh powdery snow, and I got my morning’s work cut out for me. This morning I felt overwhelmed by the deluge of snow already this early in the season and budged: I bought a snow blower. I knew I had to buy one eventually but due to mild winters had postponed it for a several years. But with an overactive Frau Holle (Mother Hulda, Bros. Grimm)  I caved right here and now before the end of the season deals happen.

Oh well. Here is something for inspiration. I can easily talk myself into the idea that shoveling snow saves money and is great exercise, but you can live your whole life like that: talking yourself into things that don’t really make you come alive but you just need to do, with a good attitude nevertheless, but life is about more.


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