Friday, December 27, 2013

Loosing my vegan mojo

Three years ago I started to eat vegan and I was on a roll: so much new territory of cooking to explore! I made myself 3 cookbooks during the course of the exploration of acquiring vegan cooking skills. Then, it peetered out. I made the same things all over again: some veggies, sauteed, likely with quinoa, sometimes potatoes or rice, always with BBQ sauce.

Now, I realize I felt I had cooked anything possible in vegan, I had made the rounds, there was nothing new to explore, discover and taste again. Loosing the mojo.

The combination space of vegan cooking is slightly reduced if you rule out white flour, desserts, and stick to vegetables, only fresh and frozen, legumes, nuts, herbs, polenta, quinoa, pasta, and spices.

But thanks to the human condition of forgetting, I just need to bring out the cookbooks again, and see what vegan, round 2, means for the kitchen adventures. This is to vegan food, revived.


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