Saturday, January 11, 2014

Black ice and red tapioca

Global warming: the gift that keeps on giving. Today I had a date with my hair dresser, which is overdue looking at my locks. She called me to say “it is treacherous outside. Black ice. Be VERY careful. But I am here at the salon.” I got ready to leave and investigated the driveway. While it looked like warm rain thawing the last remnants of our winter wonderland, it actually just covered everything with a thin layer of ice. I jumped into my car anyhow, but realized there is no sand on the streets, no salt, the pure ice conditions are everywhere. Once I stepped on the brakes, slightly, I felt the car becoming a projectile, going straight in a direction it was going before, sliding like the cars in an action movies. No traction. Hmm. I very carefully turned around, made it safely back into my driveway and cancelled my appointment.

The alternative program for this Saturday involves baking, a fireplace and eating coconut tapioca. I must say I have never cooked tapioca before and I had to google what it actually is. Not rice, nor a grain but some exotic South American starch (root). I had found the recipe on Smitten Kitchen, and made a few changes: using regular coconut milk (the one in the carton instead of the canned version) to cook it, add some rum, and eat it with strawberry compote. Very good!


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  1. I learned firsthand what black ice falling on my behind. It's no fun! Smart to turn around.