Thursday, January 16, 2014

“I missed you, Dandelion”

You know it is a busy day when you bring your own salad because you don’t have time to walk to the cafeteria and back to get one at work.  The weather is mild, and I could live with this: no need for a fired up wood stove or much heating at all or ski clothes as regular wear and actually wearing shoes again  instead of some snow and sleet proof, slip-averse, fur -padded hunting contraptions. The weekend is close, and a first real weekend in for like weeks. ---

My new find on netflix streaming is '"Orange is the new black”, similar to Weeds or Breaking Bad a slightly off-kilter series with the premise “good person (like you and me) gone bad”. In this case,  a woman going to prison to serve a 15 months sentence for a crime from 10 years ago. Going to prison, …. so the show takes us with her from her normal life with fiance and lemon cleanses and clean eating  to reporting to prison. At the beginning it looks not much different from moving to a dorm or summer camp, with activities, bunk beds, and much of the conversing going on in the cafeteria. But then it is also prison, with creepy guards and showers, bullying people, lesbian relationships gone wrong, and a whole bunch of scary, very likable women. All in all, very funny (Just be warned: much nudity in episode 1 and 2, but it tapers off).


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