Thursday, January 9, 2014

K. to the rescue

I must admit: the Christmas cookies this year did me in. A few here and there for 6 weeks, an extra hot chocolate in the evening because it is arctic cold for too long, a festive cocktail here and there,  more eating out than eating at home, and yes, the cookies with the cup of coffee in the afternoon. Even eating healthy otherwise (lots of salads, roasted vegetables) it started to add up and the scale needle bends to the wrong side, too far and too long. It is a miniscule trend but in the wrong direction, and after a few months it starts to be noticeable. 

Today, I said, “Lunch at home, my dear. There are all the vegetables you bought on Sunday, and they are not getting any younger.”  I went back to something I had slightly  tired off in 2013 --- the wonder vegetable of kale. I forgot how good it tastes and how much it fills you up, for hours and hours after eating it. By dinner time I am still not hungry and there was desire for cookies with coffee today. Ahh, wonder Kale.


Curly kale with mushroom, quinoa, sliced almonds and juice of a half orange.

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