Friday, January 31, 2014

Out and about

It was a sunny, warm day, no meetings or deadlines for once, and the forecast for the day was good enough that I was sure to get somewhere and back without sliding off the streets, and so it was the first trip to the coast for 2014. It definitely felt more like March than the last day of January. Melting snow, mild temperatures, and an intense sun that woke up all summer loving molecules in my body although the long bays of the Maine Gulf are still frozen.

I stocked up on all types of groceries, a fresh block of parmesan cheese, organic arborio rice from the bulk bin, a huge bottle of black cherry balsamic vinegar, and a jar of creme fraiche. At Chase I was tempted by the tomato tarts, but ended up with the pinto bean soup with pico de gallo and cilantro. I browsed cookbooks and fermentation books, and fell in love with a 2 quart le creuset. Sadly, the devastation to the trees during the ice storm around Christmas, which hit the coastal region much harder, is still visible everywhere.









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