Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter rewind

We are at the beginning of a new cycle. A new snow and winter cycle. Winter, snow and arctic spell cycle. It felt like spring the last two weeks, no complaints here. But in a few hours it will snow again, and by tomorrow it will be very cold again. Where are those felt-lined boots? Oh, well. I cleaned out the woodstove, bought all my groceries and netflix is on.

Today, when I came home from shopping I sat down at my desk and put down my small handbag next to my feet. Chanelle started harping down on the small bag, trying to turn it around, eventually biting into it. “Chanelle, since when are you interested in my handbags"?” He did not give up his peculiar interest, and started biting into the bag again and again. At some point I no longer found it funny and took it away from him. I opened it and removed my cellphone and camera, and, there - the mystery was solved: I still had the 2 catnip pillows I had bought at the vet today in the bag. ----

Lunch was a combination of the healthy and the fast: kale, sauteed exotic mushroom, and noodles from a Chinese noodle soup paper container (which I had bought for the office).


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