Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to normal

It’s back to normal around here. One week until spring break. Yesterday, I called off the deadline. There was no way we would get done with a reasonable result in that short amount of time. For a day I chilled. Today I realized my urgency for coffee consumption is reduced back to a normal amount, my fascination with heart-shape donuts has dissipated, and I look forward to normalcy, salads and being immune to any blog induced shopping bonanza.

It is sunny outside, not too cold. The days are longer and in 2 weeks with daylight savings, they will be even longer. Without much fanfare, spring will eventually arrive.


On Saturday I snug in to the farmers market about 10 minutes before closing time. There was meat, eggs, beans, chicken, and….. an inventive farmeress who brought out the crepe iron. Banana, nutella, maple syrups crepes, anyone?

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