Monday, April 7, 2014

#Selfie tips

Selfies have become an important constant of social media, blogging, twitter, instagram and of course, recording life per se (ok, not on this blog). So, here are a few tips to take better selfies.

Tip 1: Full Spectrum Desk Lamp


Nothing more annoying that sitting at the desk on an overcast day or at night, getting a facetime or other video call and the indoor tungsten lightening makes you look 10 years older. Instead of outshining any hint of lines, it emphasizes them. A full spectrum desk lamp to the rescue. Like natural outdoor light, it brightens up the face and the mood.

Price: $34.95

Tip 2: Camera shutter remote release


You can download apps with a self timer built-in, and get a hand-free selfie. Otherwise, a shutter release remote is your best friend. Or, if you'd rather save the money, Apple headphones equipped with volume controls can also act as a remote. Just click the volume button to snap a picture.

Price: $6.99

Tip 3: wireless remote control


This Hisy Bluetooth-enabled remote control button lets you take photos and record video from as much as 90 feet away.

Price: $24.99

Tip 4: Large mirror


Please, no more bathroom selfies for the fashionista shots. Invest in a floor length mirror.



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