Friday, May 23, 2014

Rain bucket

Yesterday I woke up to bright sunshine, unexpectedly, since the weather forecast focuses on the occasional rain shower each day, and every day looks like an entire day of “rain”. It was bright, sunny and the first thing to do was to mow the lawn before it would rain in the afternoon (which it never did). A whole day of sunshine made me do a little happy dance and realize “It’s the holiday weekend!” I ran errands, trying to beat the ‘severe weather’ moving in from the west which eventually went elsewhere. When I came home the neighbors had the BBQ smoking and it smelled like hamburgers, the dad armed with the tongs stood next to the bbq. Summer is finally here.

Today, it is back to gray skies and a ‘chance of showers’. My ‘holiday, let’s live it up’ mood is gone poof. Time to read a book, teach myself web programming, and curb my summer plan enthusiasm.


The rain bucket will get another fill.

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