Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dragged into exercise by sexy loser

It all started with Kate Hudson.

This woman has some serious abs. Good-looking abs. Swoon!

When I read in a recent article (no, not the one in which she says that you should not judge people who get butt implants) but the one that says she keeps herself in shape with the Brazilian Butt Workout since with 2 kiddos she does not always have time to go to the gym.

Brazilian Butt Workout??

Google and amazon, of course, cleared up the mystery and the price tag.

But who wants to buy yet another exercise DVD when it is just exercises you likely have done already (and, btw, the DVD will collect dust and you never play it)?

So, youtube to the rescue.

This is where I discovered this hilarious lady: Sexy Loser.

She gives a short insight and a few exercises of  the Brazilian Butt Workout AND she has the butt to prove it works.  And, did I say, she is plain hilarious?? I wish exercise instructors would always be like her.. 

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