Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer morning

It’s finally summer. The temperatures in the upper 80s (29C), blue skies, happy people planning summer vacation and summer outings. School break so close people can smell it. I am still reeling from the creativelive workshop with the white on rice couple, and look at the world (through my inner photo eye) differently: textures, where are textures? In the photo below, I wonder “who styled this photo?” The seemingly random inviting assortment of items, colors, textures took a lot of planning, and I also wonder “what’s the hero of this photo?” It is actually the aluminum chair to the left (Crate and Barrel catalogue photo). Don’t you just want to sit down and take part in the party? Have breakfast at that spot?


It’s another hot day, and by tomorrow the temperature are reasonable again, in the 80s (22C). I took running outdoors, which at this point leaves me like a sweaty mess and wanting to jump into the river next to which I run at the end of the run. I also need to outrun the mosquitos.

Besides checking when Tina actually gives birth, I am still listening to “The Woman in White”, one of the first detective stories which plays around the same time at which Jane Austen published her books. The language and style is quite similar (but the people commute by trains instead of carriages in the English country side, so maybe it is off by 50 years?). The story plot is presented from 10 different ‘narrators’, which makes it quite interesting to sleuth what is really going on. You know it can only be good when the main character is called Mr. H(e)artright. (of course, I am not reading but listening to the audiobook).

Today I also need to contribute to making the internet orange (instead of black). Happy day!

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