Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bah Haba, the backway

Yesterday, the Monday of the July 4th weekend, after hurricane Arthur and most of the local weekend visitors had left and went back to work, I finally made my first trip this summer to beloved Acadia and Bar Harbor (or Bah Haha, as it is called by Mainers). Getting to and being on the island I am always amazed of this being Maine at its best, and it is no surprise it is such a tourist attraction.


I was still sore from a long run so I ruled out a hike for the day, and decided it would just be a “hangout on Acadia” kind of day. This time, I did it the back way. When I arrived on Acadia around noon,  I went to Bar Harbor first. This was also due to the fact that I wore new shoes and I already had blisters. There is only one Rite-aid I could remember and that is smack in the middle of Bar Harbor. It was a good plan because most of the tourists were out and about hiking, swimming and biking, and BH was comparatively free of cars and with half empty sidewalks.


Yes, there is now live opera, La Boheme.


The general Bar Harbor July/August theme: beer, cocktails, lobster and ice cream.


Note the world cup….


Reeallly old cars..


I mean, really old authentic cars, as to be expected from Maine.


Brand new pastry bars, of course, with whoopie pies.




Rupununi is gone (sad face, I had my first meal on Acadia here). Now  there is Beerworks instead and it added a 2nd story deck.



A short stop at Blaze, to give my achy feet a break. Culprit shoes.


After having a late lunch, and then an extended espresso break in a new, tiny, beautiful café next to the mid-town Mount Desert Ice cream, I saw that the traffic had picked up and I got out of town, the backway, to Northeast Harbor.

Northeast Harbor is a place that even during the peak of tourist season is always quaint (although, word must have gotten out). Only Martha Stewart, the Rockefellers, and Ms Astor’s son will shop here.


Here, even Gwyneth Paltrow thinks it is still all good.



As said, word of Northeast Harbor must have gotten out, because buildings along the tiny Maine street are demolished, and the ‘shopping’ extends beyond the tiny few hundred yards now. However, this is a find which is worthy of Martha Stewart: a new, beautiful place to pick up salads, wine, and olive oil and eat it right in front to the store. Tasteful Tides.



The food looked delicious and I opted for a striped beet salad with dried apricots, basil, pistachios and a champagne vinaigrette. Lovely!




Then, it was time to head back home. Bye, bye until next time.


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