Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello, Protein

It is summer. With searing temperatures my appetite is usually low and often the kitchen is cold since I don’t feel like cooking. Mostly I eat salads, maybe with some beans or chickpeas, plenty of fruit, a bit of goat cheese, almond milk smoothie and pasta in the evening. Lately, I’ve upped my running to a 30 min run every other day. Then, I started to notice a strange effect: I got out to run or even start my day and I have no energy. A run starts sluggish and it does not get much better.

I thought about all the usual culprits for low energy: lack of hydration, lack of electrolytes because of sweating, lack of vitamin B-12 because I still eat mostly vegan. Nothing much helped.

Yesterday I downed a smoothie with regular milk yogurt, a cup of fage and 2 eggs.
Today, I feel back to my usual, energized self. ----- I guess in the summer with eating vegan light plus more exercise the protein from a vegan diet can be not enough to sustain energy levels. Here is to bringing back Fage!


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