Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yummy bossy pants

Since it is hot, and the nation is gearing up for a long, relaxed, sweltering weekend, it is excusable to have some reality television running on TV while you try to stay chill but your brain is mush. Yesterday I was hit with a double whammy. First, I caught an HSN show on Heather’s Yummie Tummie sales. We’ve got a glimpse of her business for several seasons now, and even with complete resistance and laughter at the beginning of ‘what can be new about that?’ our subconscious self starts to take notice and suddenly wants a piece of this.

Thinking of tight, stretch garments at 90F was not an appealing thought, but line-free looks with maxi dresses might not a bad idea. So, I bought one of those yummy tummy boyshorts.

Later, the Ladies of NYC themselves went glamping and rodeo-ing and I wonder if any yummy tummy was involved. However, part of the show revolved around Heather being called bossy. And her outrage. Honestly, I don’t understand the issue. I am with Sheryl Sandberg here who wants to ban the word bossy because calling a woman bossy typically makes her clip her own wings. She feels bad about herself, and she no longer sticks her head out nor goes out and changes the world. This is a weird sabotage on women to ‘keep them in their place’, and not even attempt to own their own power, of well, maybe being a really good leader. I have the same gripe with this as with women being too obsessed with fitness, make-up and loosing weight. It just make women busy with endeavors that make them look into their own mirror, while men go out, and actually have some power in the real world and shape it how they like it.  While women are kept busy with ‘just make yourself look pretty’.

I am going a step further than Sheryl Sandberg. I see ‘bossy’ as a compliment. It means a woman takes initiative, leadership, organizes projects (well), gets stuff done. What could be wrong with this? You can still do it in style, with humor, and being liked.

Tina Fey is with me.

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