Monday, August 11, 2014

1 month birthday party

The second week of vacation started, and with actually the feeling of ‘vacation’ since I got almost all of my work done yesterday. “Time is mine! No responsibilities for a week!” “Where to go and what to do?”

Yesterday was a relaxing day at home, getting a tan in the cool shade, finishing off some work, and then it was time for a birthday party, a very special birthday party. You might remember this back in June.


T. was 9 months pregnant and it was her baby shower. Meanwhile, the little lady, also T., was born and it was her first month birthday, which required a first of many birthday parties, with fabulous food and, of course, plenty of cake.


Grandma had come to visit from Bangladesh for a few months to help out, so little T. is in 3 sets of very capable hands. And then, there are all the aunties.

Other adventures? how to cook authentic Indian food.

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