Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hiking Acadia

I packed up my lunch and went on the road.


The weather was slightly iffy --- would it rain or not? Rain and slippery granite rocks are not a good combination. I made my way to Ellsworth, and checked the skies again. The dark cloud mass seemed to only cusp the shoreline and Acadia might stay off the path of the rain cloud. I moved towards Acadia, and was ready for my third hike this year, after the last one was so much fun. It was later in the afternoon, and most of the hikers had already left. The line of cars was diminished and parking was easy.

One of my favorites hikes in Acadia, the Sauveur Mt trail. An easy 2h round trip hike with spectacular views.


There is a steep incline at the beginning for about 20min, and then the hike is rather flat over beautiful granite rocks and along moss and pine trees.

obligatory foot selfie.

The trail is rimmed by blueberry bushes, which are by now all eaten clean.

The top of Sauveur offers spectacular views of Somes Sound and the Cranberry Islands.

I took the same way back, which is really one of my favorite hikes. The land-inward direction offers beautiful views of Echo lake, the only lake in Acadia that allows swimming.

All happy, and not even breaking a sweat, thanks to being running-fit.

Friday evening and a concluding side trip to Bar Harbor are not always a good combination, but how could I not? The sun finally came out, and it was just gorgeous. The Shoreline path around the Bar Harbor Grand Hotel is spectacular.

And that almost concludes my staycation.

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