Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mushroom quinoa

It’s the weekend, the summer is back on, one week until school starts (from kindergarten to university), and the hustle and bustle had definitely picked up with getting ready for a new productive season. At the same time, everyone holds on tight to summer, although the signs are definitely towards fall coming.

One of my favorites of the season ahead: it is Apple picking time! The next 2 months will be overflowing with juicy, tart, crisp, ripe, red faced apples! Among other abundance at the farmers market, there will also be big bags of inexpensive beets, potatoes, tomatoes, ah…. the fall bounty.


The dinner here was a double pairing: cooked quinoa with sauted mushroom with a dash of worchestershire sauce for the earthy flavors, and summer squash from the garden and the ever inexpensive grape tomatoes from trader joes with some olive oil and rosemary for the summery lightness.


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