Friday, August 15, 2014

Ratatouille disaster

This recipe might be file-able under ‘kitchen disasters’, but are there any kitchen disasters when there is good food involved? I have so many summer squash from the garden, and then I picked up some garden fresh aubergine and it was time for a ratatouille. Usually, I make a classic recipe, by cutting all vegetables in cubes, and sauteing the under their own steam with garlic and herbs. This time, I was ready to try the other recipe, beautiful on the eye with thinly sliced vegetable beautifully arranged. The recipes all agreed: start with tomato paste on the bottom on the baking dish, add some onions and garlic, and arrange vegetables in beautiful pattern, top with herbs and some olive oil. Cut parchment paper, layer over vegetables, and bake at 400F for 45min. “The vegetables should be bubbling in the tomato sauce.” --- Well, no such thing. Maybe, it was the upright position of the vegetable, maybe because I put the parchment paper over the whole pan. But it came out dry looking and not so appealing.

So, I just cooked it again, in the pan, for 5min, with some goat cheese. Ratatouille perfection (Looks? perdu).





The tasty recooked version:

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