Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tea time

Yesterday I was watering my garden. The neighborhood recently added a few more little kids, and since it is a mostly car-free neighborhood, the little ones play across gardens, form friendships, hang out in troops, with all their little adventures. I held the shower head over the summer squash plants and the herbs, and the little girl, maybe 4 years old, came across the lawn and asked “What are you doing?”. She was wearing a sparkling tiara, a blue bathing suit, a red floor length cape and little white cowboy boots. “Are you a princess?” She nodded. Then she paused. “I am wonder woman.” --- 

For some reason, I was happy that she choose to be wonder woman instead of a princess.


Today, the sky was dark gray and looked like November, but the temperatures were like the middle of summer. I mostly hung out at home, watched some movies, drank tea, and ate cake. BabyCat decided that was a good plan. She took the cat walk around the chair’s rim and head-butted me, then wiggled herself into the big chair with me.

She slept, I worked on the computer. Took selfies with cat. Lazy Sundays….

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