Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Apple picking and news!

The weather is warm, mild and sunny. This week many of my colleagues are traveling so there are very few meetings and I am in charge of my time again, well, at least for a week. On the weekend we did the typical New England thing this time of the year (hello Fall!) and went apple picking. There are no apples to speak of in southern India, and so for my friend S, it was the first time ever she actually picked an apple (she is not a good friend of the other thing she never experienced in India before – snow).


Cortland apples were ready for picking. The trees were full and only maybe 15 overall drawing their carts through the rows of trees in the orchard. A very relaxing pastime.



H. and I stocked up to bake apple pies; S. relinquished her share in lieu of a piece of pie eventually appearing. The whole bushel full of apples was only $12, which is a great deal because tiny bags, pre-picked, already are $7-11. This was 5 times as much.

So, now we just need to make pie.


On other news: If you have not been to the blog for a while, check it out. I added a new feature – searching for recipes using the ReciPage application (thank you, Daily Garnish!). I’ve only added the soups so far, but over time will there will be more of seasonal recipes.

recipe search

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