Sunday, September 21, 2014

Harvest soup Sunday

It is Sunday morning. Slight drizzle today, and a day after the Common Ground Fair with darkened, but dry skies, it definitely feels like fall. A few days ago I put an older VHS tape in the player. When I taught myself cooking with the help of FoodTV, I often recorded shows and watched them over and over again until I remember how to cook a dish. I have about 15 tapes with food networks shows from way back when. These days I rarely watch live FoodTV – it no longer holds the same fascination but the older tapes are still grabbing my desire to cook something new (Where is the Netflix streaming of food tv shows!). This morning, I felt similarly nostalgic about looking back on my own blog for the fabulous fall soups I cooked over the years.


Two years ago I had grown my own kuri squash with some seeds from a squash I had bought the fall before. Red kuri squash soup is still one of my favorite soups. So deep in flavor and silky in texture, much more interesting than roasted butternut squash soup, which is mild and needs curry or orange zest for some added humph.


Roasting squash before adding it to a soup makes the soup deep with flavor and sweet without adding any maple syrup.


Another great fall soup is roasted sweet potato leek celeriac soup with grueyere. Celeriac is a root vegetable, starchy and a very unique, intense flavor, like a starchy (instead of watery) version of celery.


Or carrot soup with harvest fresh carrots cooked in carrot juice.


Or roasted tomato soup --- made with fresh or canned tomatoes.


Not to forget the vegan cream mushroom soup!


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