Saturday, September 6, 2014

Let's talk workout clothes

Ever since I started running again in spring, my interests in workout clothes was renewed. My favorite brand is still Lululemon, and I made it a new habit to check the online inventory 3 times a day, because there are constantly new things, but they are sold out within a half day. Then, the only way to get them is on ebay for 30% upmark. People are like stock brokers. Buy up the coveted lululemon 'wunder under in herringbone' inventory and then sell it on ebay for $150 instead of the original $102. Meanwhile, Lululemon sneaks in new stuff on their website, and when you take a look, there is only size 2 left, which fits no one.

Yesterday, my trick worked: I discovered these:

Om and Roam Untight Tight

The Lululemon Om and Roam Untight Tight, a bit loose fitting, perfect for those fall and winter stay indoors, lounge at home days. I bought right away; good move because today, 1 day later, my size is sold out.

 Fablethics came on the workout clothes scene this summer, and who could be a better ambassador than Kate Hudson and her famous abs? However, to get good prices, you need to sign up for the VIP membership, and that involved being on your toes to check what they will send at the beginning of each month. For lululemon trained workout gear fanatics certainly no problem.

Recently I started buying items at Athleta, the GAP/Banana Republic brand. Good quality, good colors and design and reasonable prices. I snagged some navy colored New Balance sneakers for the weekend/to and from/all day gym look. Another essential -- oversized, long tunics and its off to the fall farmers market.

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