Friday, October 10, 2014

Couch vegging

A long weekend ahead! I would like to go hiking and take a trip to shopping town, but I will have to use my time instead to finish a project but at least I’ve reserved time to hangout with a friend who is visiting from the west coast.

Last night when I got home from a very long day in the office I was happy to collapse into my comfy chair and turn on the TV and peruse the internet. This is when I found this graphic.


A graphic depicting that if one encounters one of these bubbles it increases the risk of death (eventually, but maybe earlier than it needs to be). The size of the bubbles is an indicator of how likely this risk will lead up to a cause of death (depicted in the next graphic).

Not much has changed that the most likely cause of anyone’s death is heart disease and stroke, then cancer. The first graphic depicts what to avoid…… Yes, avoid that glass of wine. But I also saw that inactivity is an even higher risk factor. Immediately, I wanted to jump off my couch, and get in a walk on my treadmill or in the neighborhood.

I did not. Today is another day to make activity a persistent part of each day, no matter how many other things are going on which bring me to the brink of being a couch vegetable. In this situation it feel counterproductive to actual get up and move, but the opposite is true: more physical activity pumps more oxygenated blood and I will feel less tired.

Now, I only have to convince myself of that when I come home from work….

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