Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A single area code

The weather is sunny and mild, when a larger part of the country experiences the first named snowstorm. The devastating “Halloween” snow storm in Maine does not count because the population affected (600,000) was not  large enough (needs 2 Million). This is what happens if you live in a large state with just 1.8 Mio inhabitants overall. Yes, we are very spread out here in Maine. Most of the people live in Portland or right on the coast. We get away with one area code for the whole state. But, alas, who needs a snowstorm when it looks like fall again. The snow is gone and many trees still have leaves, and the grass is green.

Times at work are busy and I hardly get around to cook. If I do, it is too dark to photograph it. By 4:30pm it is dark anyhow. By December, it will be dark at 3:30pm. So, just a few links today.

This one made me laugh --- kids who are unfamiliar with cameras that - gasp! - use film. "How did you live?" I asked that myself, all that money we paid for picts.

How long-lasting relationships come down to 2 traits: kindness and generosity


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