Sunday, November 2, 2014

An early winter storm

These are the days when there is the big divide between Florida and Maine. In Florida, people rave about the perfect, low-humidity, bright sunshine weather when they finally can get outside during the days and run endlessly. In Maine, we experience the first snowstorm of the winter season with a 12 inches of heavy, wet snow. This is unusual, but after last winter nothing seems so unusual anymore. There might be a first crumbling of snowflakes, with 1-2 inches that are gone in a day. Twelve inches requires heavy equipment and it might be a non ignorable start into the winter season.

Yesterday, I had brought in the last plants, the last umbrellas, ripped out the summer squash plants from the raised bed before the soil freezes solid. Cut down the catnip to a large bouquet, much appreciated by the cats, and refilled the portable gasoline container for the snowblower. There was no time to rake leaves this fall, the lawn will not like it The wind howls around the house, and the thick snow blows sideways. Since there are still plenty of leaves on the trees, the sleet and frozen rain section of this storm will likely will weigh heavy on them.


Around noon, I made a second batch of candy corn cookies since they’ve been a success this week. This time I only mixed in the chocolate chips (added a few chocolate ones), and once I had form dough balls, I stuck 3 candy corn in each cookie dough ball, making sure to cover them with dough,. and then baked them for 9 minutes. This time it worked out perfectly. No running and melting of candy corn, and they are all solidly inside the cookie.

By the last batch, the electricity went out. I still baked off the cookies in the warm oven. The power stayed out for 3 hours and I already prepared myself for a night without power. After all, last winter people had been without power for 10 days. Candles everywhere, making a fire in the woodstove, and then…. fortunately, the power came back on.

The storm brought what was promised. 12 inches of heavy, wet snow that not even the snowblower liked. And that on November 2. A little early.

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