Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cranberries in the Garden

Thanksgiving break is finally here. It is very mild today, temps in the lower 50s. This invites me to go for a walk or hike. The forecast, however, says that the weather will mess with Thanksgiving. Wednesday into Thursday morning… 10 inches of new snow are expected. We’ll have to dig out for that Thanksgiving turkey. At least Black Friday has sunshine all the way to the shops.

I have been doing much of my pro-winter shopping online this year. Several pairs of heavy duty snow shoes that can be worn for hikes or snow shoes arrived already at my house, but they were either too large, and bulky or too small, and I piled up into a tower of boxes for the UPS store since they are all going back. However, the lightbox that came in the mail is finally the right size --- and was immediately repurposed by Chanelle, who claims it as his cat house. “Tape me up, Scotty!”


I also harvested the small batch of cranberries that grow on a tree next to my house. They are a bitter, European variety (Preiselbeeren), but make a fabulous, small batch of cranberry sauce, or something more attractive for the American palate when they are mixed with regular cranberries, just adding a slightly bitter note, like a cocktail bitter/aromatic.


On a winter salad, with romaine, curly kale, sauteed mushroom and pomegranate seeds with goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette, they are just… a d├ęcor.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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